Gilded Rose Kata

As part of our Week 3 assignments for my Craft of Software Development course, we had to do the Gilded Rose kata ( Even though we had already done it last week, this time we had to do it 2 more times to take some of the feedback we got into account and use the experience we got from the first run.

It was interesting yet somewhat tedious the 3rd time. I had initially rewritten the whole code to be DRYer and more readable but this time around I just added functionality without modifying the original code. This made me feel uneasy since the original code SUCKS and I honestly didn’t trust it. To add to the discomfort, I decided not to write test cases for the original code this time around. This resulted in what might be buggy code. My part works as expected (my tests say so) but I can’t necessarily say the same for the rest.

For the third time I did pretty much the same thing I did in Run #2 but this time I wrote tests for the original code. This made me trust it more even though some of the tests cases that originated from the specifications didn’t pass with the original code. My decision was to just assume the code was correct and that there were some changes in requirements that weren’t reflected on what might be outdated specs. The tests took some time but it made me trust the whole code a lot more.

All right, that’s pretty much it for now. I’ll be back in a couple days with more :)



Craft of Software Development

As part of a course of my Graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon: Silicon Valley called Craft of Software Development, we were instructed to choose a learning objective and work on it for the next 7 weeks. As my learning objective I chose “Learn how to do Test Driven Development” while working on Javascript for web development.

For the next 5 weeks (2 weeks of the course have gone by now) I expect to work considerably on my TDD skills, mostly by getting used to writing tests, changing my mindset and convincing myself that tests are worth the initial time investment they require. Hopefully my learning plan will help me achieve this goal and in 5 weeks, I’ll a TDD master :)

If you want any more info on my master’s degree, you can check out this link:


It’s Christmas Eve, I’m getting ready for dinner with my family, I’m drinking a glass of wine and I can hear my Mom’s speakers playing Revolution by The Beatles; everything seems exactly the same as it was a couple years ago, yet ironically, it’s a so-called “Revolution” that has changed it all.

Leaving Venezuela has been one of the hardest choices I’ve ever made, yet one of the most rewarding by far. Living in the States, if only for 4 months so far, has changed my perspective on life and led me to appreciate what we Venezuelans have that we so frequently take for granted, love. A love for our family, a love for our friends and a love for ourselves as a community. Granted, this love has been tainted, it’s been diluted with politics, fear, jealousy and hatred but it’s still at the core of who we are as Venezuelans. It’s what I’ve missed the most these past few months.

We as Venezuelans live a dual existence because of this love. As I heard our national anthem being played when Maickel Melamed crossed the finish line of the NYC Marathon and when La Vida Boheme started playing on the MTV Iggy stage, I had never felt such pride and warmth. But not a week later, reality hit me like a pile of bricks. I got the news that a dear friend was killed by a mugger. It was devastating, he became a number, one of the many who are killed everyday in Caracas. This internal struggle of pride and disgust is what we all feel everyday. Most of us love our country, but we can’t stay here if we want to build a future for ourselves. In Venezuela, it can be taken away from us with the pull of a trigger when we least expect it.

I love my country, I seriously do. I’ve fought for it, I’ve cried for it and I’ve bled for it, but living here has become a fool’s choice. I might just be a fool then. As I hear my mom setting the table and The Beatles still playing, I can’t imagine being anywhere else for the holidays. Maybe the circumstances will push me away from Venezuela for a while, but I’ll still come back, I need that love we all have to be happy, this is my place in the world.

See ya,


P.S.: Happy holidays.

A New Beginning

I’m living in a new country, going to a new college, I’m living a new life, so I figured I’d start fresh with a new blog.

I have a lot to write about: moving to the States (and the cultural shock involved), life in Silicon Valley, front-end development and my personal thoughts on any issues that may come up. I’m forcing myself to write at least once a week, so hopefully there’ll be plenty to read.

Read on.

See ya,

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